Remote learning and
motivating employees
during remote work

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Remote learning and
motivating employees
during remote work

ua | ru


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May 7th
2 P.M. GMT+3

Today we are in the era of digital interactions where the principles, technologies and methodologies of employees’ work take a completely different form. Remote work leaves its mark on all internal processes of a company: models of interaction, methods of receiving and processing information, ways of communication and methods of training.

Management of successful businesses realize that one of the key components of success is not only the employees’ professional level, but also how much each of them feels the importance of their contribution in the current project, internal culture and development of the company as a whole.

This is why such HR processes as:

  • involvement of each team member in corporate life,
  • creating conditions for continuous expertise improvement,
  • building up experience and knowledge

have direct impact on positive transformation and growth of a business.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

Myths about LMS implementation, preparing a skills gaps description

Rules for developing a schedule of training events, preparing various types of content

Tracking employee progress
in training events

Use of digital tools to engage, recognize achievements, and assess employees
Webinar goal:

It is crucial to train, motivate and encourage achievements of employees, regardless of whether they return to work in the office or continue performing their duties remotely. The webinar will help you learn about efficient tools for training, motivation and control which do not depend on remoteness and working mode of employees.


Ievgen Belobrov

Product owner SMART HCM & LMS

11 years of project management experience in the sphere of implementing CRM and HRM systems in retail, banking, insurance, B2B sales and IT services.


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